Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Chasing Pavements

I have a Sportive planned.  And inevitably a training programme.  Not something I've ever given much thought to.  Training programmes, it seems to me, are meant to be broken, and are also something where real life can get in the way, even though ostensibly as a current nomadic type person I seem to have all the time in the world.

One thing which I thought was going to get in the way this week was the unfortunate tyre incident.  Oh yes, a big fat ripping thing with fibres showing.  Kind of surprised it didn't actually cause a puncture.  But it came to light Sunday night, leaving me not much time to get sorted for today.  Until to my rescue came a friend.  A self interested friend.  One who I was due to go for a bike ride today with.  To be fair, I did spend yesterday haunting the flesh pots of Eccles.  Oh.  OK.  That's wrong, I spent yesterday riding around Eccles on the hybrid seeking out now closed bike shops and came up with nothing.  So this morning, bless him, my friend got up early and went out and sourced tyres for me.  Funnily, he then insisted on putting them on my bike for me despite my protestations that only this week I'd been the one putting tyres on my lodger's bike and that I was happy to do it.  However, the sentence wasn't even out of my mouth before he had both tyres off and had started putting new ones on.  He let me pump them up though.  I really must pay him ...

So this is what my training plan for the week suggests ...

Monday          Day Off – actual bike riding hour shopping pace
Tuesday         45mins: Easy effort. - actual bike riding 3 hours undulating with Matt
Wednesday   Day Off
Thursday       45mins: Easy effort.
Friday             Day Off
Saturday        20-25miles on flat roads (if possible) Easy effort.
Sunday          60mins: 20 easy warm up/20min steady (you should be able to talk in short sentences)/ 20min easy cool down.

So I'm on day two, and already have ignored it twice.  This is going to be ... interesting.

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