Thursday, 28 March 2013

So lucky

I should be so lucky.

Oh, this is weird.  I’m feeling sprightly.  It’s a beautiful bright and cold day, with only gentle flurries of snow tickling my cheeks on the ride into work this morning.  I’m giggling at how I’ve changed.  
  • There was a time when I wouldn’t have considered getting on the bike to ride to work in weather like this. 
  • There was a time when I wouldn’t have been laughing at my choice of bike (because I only had one).
  • There was a time when cycling up the ramps from the subways (all legal and above board) was too much for me.  Now I do it in the big ring.

The time when I wouldn’t have considered riding in during weather like this isn’t that long ago. It’s yesterday in fact.  Now,  having ridden in yesterday into a head wind in a howling swirling low visibility blizzard, this morning’s cold and gentle flurries seemed quite sedate.  I even wore one less layer for the trip.  

Looking forward, looking back and looking to the now, there’s a little feeling of full circle.  I rather think I started this blog as somewhere to put down my cycle commute rantings and record the things that made me smile.  Here I am once more, commuting. The blog’s changed.  I’ve changed.  Sometimes, it’s simply not all about the bike.

This week has been commuting out of desperation, and there’s a bit of me wanting to jump on the bandwagon which is currently trundling along in various cycling press about exercise and mental health.  There’s a whole let’s not be afraid to talk about it ethos going on.  I’m not afraid to talk about my need to exercise to maintain mood, but I don’t feel the need to talk about it because it’s nothing special or unusual and it’s a fact not a question.  It does, though, offer up an explanation of why I rode in the blizzard.

Oh, and because I’ve ridden in twice in two days and have the endorphin thing working for me I’m singing along happily in my head to Kylie ...

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