Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Interesting times

It's odd, these should be interesting times.  New job, new challenges, new possibilities opening up.  But somehow I feel boring.  No, not bored, but plain boring.  I have nothing of interest to say to anyone, the spark has died.

I could talk about the experience of being on a Team Sky whole team camp, and the things which struck me as amazing, the unexpected in a team I have worked parallel to since its inception.  I could animatedly express my respect for the work done, the bright people there whose intelligence almost lays you flat to the floor when they let it simply flow.

I could talk about the numerous days of riding my bike on the dry sunlit island of Mallorca, overlooking cliffs, sea, and passing ruins and amazing rock formations while interested goats graze at the side of the road.  I could talk about my plans for 2014, the hazy half made but treasured dreams for Scotland, for Italy, for me, for the bike, for the van.

I could talk about my new role with the team, the stuff I'm learning, the people I'm working with, what was said to me by a Board Member of 21st Century Fox.  I could talk wittily about the social faux pas I managed to come out with in the presence of two TdF winners.

I could, no doubt, unwittingly give away philosophies and works in progress.  Maybe that would make me interesting.  But I have a feeling that anything I could say would somehow feel forced, muted, lacklustre.

Yes, I am boring.

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