Tuesday, 26 May 2015

More numbers

Numbers mean a lot to me.  Dates, ages, numbers.

In the early days of bike computers - remember those, often with a wire going down the fork to a magnet which linked to one on the spokes, and with a cunning circumference measurement input told you how far you'd gone, how long your journey took, what your fastest speed was etc.  Basic stuff.  In those days I had a spreadsheet for my commute to work.  I could see that  I was getting quicker, and it was satisfying.  There were graphs.

I like Strava, it deals heavily in numbers.  How fast I did the same segment a year ago, two years ago, the dips and troughs of when I'm going quickly and when I'm not.

The Jawbone is another number generating device.  How much sleep I'm getting, how much of it is sound.  How many "steps" I take per day, how I compare to the average population of over 40s.  It has graphs too.

Disappointingly, I'm now playing a numbers game with the bathroom scales.  It's not one which is giving me a lot of joy, other than the relief of seeing the numbers coming down.  I don't like what I'm seeing, either on the numbers front or above my waist band.  It makes me unhappy.  I'm about 10 kilos over the weight I kind of like to be - and that's not really about numbers, that's about feel and appearance.  However, I am less than I was, and I'm on the way down.

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