Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Facebook have an "On this day" app which sometimes makes me smile with fond memories, and often makes me wince.  I don't really like the person I was in 2007, or so it appears.  Almost every post from that era makes me feel  nothing but regret.  Maybe I was the only one who knew what a mess I was or maybe it did come through, post by post, as I was angry, frustrated, drunk or hungover. I'm ashamed of who I was that year, I don't like that person.

I then realised I could make her and all the memories of her disappear.  Click top right of that old 9 year old status, scroll down, press delete.  After a diligent and consistent 365 days of doing that, she'll be gone, expunged, and I won't have to deal with her again.  There's no learning to be had, no benefit from remembering those bad times, they won't serve as a warning or a caution, they just make me feel bad about me.  The delight of delete is fabulous.

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