Sunday, 3 September 2017

Alt Traffic

We have alt left, alt right. Alt is breaking out everywhere. Pretty sure we have alt cyclists and alt drivers these days.  Maybe we also have the Anticy and the Antica.  They might make nice names for a new model of car and bicycle.

The rules from the alt drivers seem to be:

Although I'm not actually connected in any way to the driver in car in front or the driver in the car behind who just happen to be going the same way as me, it's different for people on bicycles. People on bicycles are clearly associated with every person on a bicycle over a  mile stretch of road. They should act together, and group together to make life easier for people in cars. Who are more important.

Cyclists should obey the rules. These would be red lights in the most part. Because clearly all cyclists break that rule. Drivers, on the other hand, even if they have points on their licence for going over 30 in a 30 zone have not disobeyed any kind of rule at all; and if they have, it was a stupid rule, and it was applied too strictly.  People in cars don't pose any danger to anyone around them because they are safe inside their car.  Can't they read the signs?

Cyclists should pay road tax. Ignoring the fact that under current road tax rules, zero emissions vehicles don't actually make a payment.  We should, of course, create this law because really, the administering of it will be cost effective because then cyclists will have been made to pay road tax. Logical.

Cyclists should have a registration number. Not unreasonable, not sure where, but modern technology would allow of GPS tracking. Not sure how that would be funded or who would police it or where we stand with privacy issues, would also be helpful with thefts. If you're going to do that, of course you'd extend it to all traffic.  It be good for all cars to also have GPS tracking, would no doubt help police with the higher frequency of hit and runs made by cars, not to mention dealing with burglaries. You could also use it to automate the issue of speeding fines and parking digressions, maybe even immobilise people without insurance or tax automatically. Big Brother, your time has come.

Bicycles are not appropriate on the roads. I've read this one recently. I think there are some roads which are appropriate for bicycles and not for cars. The roads not appropriate for bicycles are called motorways. This is about movement of people, remember, it's not about the style in which we move people from place to place, it's about how human beings get to work, to the shops, to schools. Whichever is the more efficient for a modern world gets my vote. If done properly I suspect a balanced mix of means of transport is probably the right one. Fewer people in cars equals fewer traffic jams, and if we can get 100 cars off the A6 between 07:00 and 07:30am and onto 100 bicycles I think the space those bicycles will take up will be insignificant; cars sail by me without having to change line most of the time.

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