Thursday, 25 April 2013

Truth hurts

So every few days I get a bit more information, a few more facts, and the reality of my leg injury dawns on me. 

I'm bored of answering questions about it now, bored of speaking about it, bored of boring people with it.  Actually the third on the list should probably have been the first.  I don't want the attention the crutch brings, and I respond no better to pity than I do tough love.  Both make me want to cry.

For the record, the reality is I  have a partial tear of my hamstring and some calf muscle separation.  This has given a range of very pretty bruising behind my knee, and I can't put weight on the leg with the knee anything other than straight or approximating straight either on the bike or walking.

I am on the whole downplaying this.

I am not, however, doomed. 

There should be gradual improvement in the next few weeks, and indeed prognosis is full recovery; this depends on me taking the kind of care a religious zealot would give to the set of rules they operate within.  It's not just that doing things outside of the boundaries will delay healing, but they could actually create a more serious injury, which the prognosis for would be a lot worse.  Imagine that, stupidity could take me out of action and possibly into surgery.  So, the moral of this is don't be stupid.

At least I have facts.  I like facts.  You know where you stand with those.  

Waving goodbye in the spirit of realism to a few things, but it's transient, temporary, and in the words of the Persians this too shall pass ...

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