Saturday, 19 January 2013

Body Aches

... and so begins another weary dayyyyyy, and so begins another weary day!

Oh my word, my poor old body, what on the earth was I thinking?  Most bits ache, but in a really really good, we've done a lot of work kind of a way.  Really good because a lot has been done, and I've not just survived it but actually thrived on it.  Feeling kind of fit and healthy and strong and fatigued in a really good way.  The kind of way that means I can devote tomorrow to swimming in the lake, eating ice cream, drinking coffee and going in search of cake.  It'll be productive, mark my words.

Over the past five days I have done a Lot of learning. 

I have brushed up on abseiling, prussiking, anchoring systems (with an emphasis on alpine not rock climbing techniques).

I have learned short roping, long roping, simultaneous movement over rock (running belay), using landscape features to enhance safety. I have learned self arrest with the ice axe, I have learned how to set up snow anchors with snow stake, axe, in soft or hard snow.  I have learned how to escape from a belay system without just cutting the rope and letting my partner drop to the ground.  There has been simulated crevasse rescue.  I have learned the rudiments of avalanche risk, degree of slope angles, weather conditions, type of snow, bond between old and new snow.  I have learned about sport climbing and about via ferrata.  There have been knots.  There has been navigation.  I have led, I have followed.  I have panted like a dog and crawled on my hands and knees.  It has been good.


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    1. I will be honest, it was the threat (promise) of the Alps trip which made me get my arse into gear and try to do something to upskill so I'm not entirely liability while we're there. Feeling semi competent but not complacent now.