Thursday, 7 April 2011

Endorphins please

I am grumpy.  Really grumpy.  After my bike pootle on Tuesday to assess the feasibility of Route 55 I came down with a head cold.  Not of man flu proportions, clearly, but enough to make me have a grown up talk to myself about how the chances are I will make matters worse if I go pushing it doing intense exercise.  I'm not really capable of going on a bike ride that is gentle ...

I'm just glad I went out for a ride Tuesday because it's now been two days without exercise, and I confess I am an addict to the endorphins.  Get proper grumpy if I don't get to feel my lungs gasp.  This is in fact a very real problem.  Like many growed up persons I do have an episode of mental health issues in my past, and maintenance of sanity and mood is a little dependent on the rush from exercise.  Add a cold into the equation and sleep disturbance and then square the effect of everything by adding in the PMT optional extra and I'm tamping mad.

The bike does, generally give me endorphins like no other exercise can within just a period of 30 to 45 minutes.  Running does it too but I can't sustain a goodly period of running and indeed I damage easily and the works physio really doesn't need to be helping to mend me every single week.  Indoor climbing is my other sneaky pleasure in accessing my drug but comes in longer blocks - 3 hours and then frankly getting to sleep is impossible with some freakish brain activity, the like of which Caffeine can simply not replicate.

Sigh, I am a person of hormones.

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