Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Nice legs

Not so nice legs. I am a little concerned about a Christening I'm attending in around 10 days time and the implication of the enormous bruises on my legs on the proposed outfit for the occasion.  Wondering, in fact, if I might be wisest to make the decision now to swap to maxi dress or indeed to trousers.

Following a wee tumble at Dalby Forest last weekend the bruise which is approximately 7 inches in height on the back of my calf has gone through yellow and red and black to now having a black circumference and a relatively normal appearance centre.  It has, however been joined by minor incidental bruises from touches on the pedals or rocks or frame or indeed gardening incidents with spade, fork, etc.  So much bruising has happened on my legs that in the bath last night trying to wash off the gardening grime I was somewhat surprised to find my leg remained mostly dirt coloured after a good body scrub.  Ooops.  I am bruised.

It's been fun though, wearing shorts and 3/4 length trousers.  I imagine I look committed to the cycling cause and like some desperado woman who is hard core and not scared to push it.  Pretty much a reflection of reality in some ways.  I look 'ard.  Don't mess with me.

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