Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Happy Talk

Beautiful weather this week and more of the same forecast.  The plan is to get on the bike today (ticked that box), tomorrow and Thursday.  Thursday it's kind of incorporated in the errand of dropping the car off for service on the way to work.

So today's journey at various pointless red lights I chatted with fellow cyclists.  Two in all.  Wondering now if I can set myself a lunatic old woman target of upping this number each day.  First guy we mutually tutted at the other cyclists who set off on red light as soon as the pedestrian beeping begins.  Not giving cyclists as a whole a great name, that kind of caper.  Angers motorists and angry motorists can become aggressive and dye everyone with the same cloth.  The first guy was Afro Caribbean and had an accent which sounded like sunshine on a beach.  The second guy was some grey haired racing whippet type who made conversation and then cycled off into the middle distance.

Bugged me as at three consecutive sets of lights the same guy went on pedestrian crossing lights, and each time I'd caught up with him by the next set of lights without any particular effort.  Really, if he wants to go faster perhaps just put a bit more weight on the pedals and he'd be going the same pace as us law abiding types.  It does infuriate me, in fact, it annoys me more when I'm on the bike than when I'm in the car.  I'm a peaceful car driver who doesn't get rattled easily, after all, I'm normally on my way to work and therefore never in a hurry.

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